Driving Quiz

Smart Car Driving is a skill,Learn to save your life and other's life.

Car driving is not just about making push the accelerators and brake or turn left or right, it’s about making  aware of responsibility on roads.

Cars/ Vehicles are main transportation source of modern world, Cars are increasing day by day along with growth of population and economy.Hence driving a car is essential skill to learn.


Some Sample Questions are as below:
Before starting to drive, what action needs to be taken by the driver before moving the automatic transmission selector?

Option-1 Release the clutch pedal, to connect between the engine and the gear box.
Option-2 Step on the accelerator, to start driving immediately.
Option-3 Release the parking brake, to release the gearbox lock.
Option-4 Apply the foot-brake, to prevent the vehicle from moving.

What is the purpose of the “hard shoulder” on freeways?

Option-1 It is an escape place in case of danger.
Option-2 It is a place to stop and talk on the cellular phone,
Option-3 It is a place for parking and stopping for the purpose of driver refreshment.
Option-4 It is a lane used for overtaking restricted vehicles, which illegally drive in the right lane

How should you drive a child less than one year of age inside a vehicle?

Option-1 In the front seat only, accompanied by an adult passenger.
Option-2 In a safety seat for babies, and in the back seat only..
Option-3 In a safety seat, with the back of the seat facing the front of the car.
Option-4 On the knees of a passenger over twenty one years of age.

When is a driver of a motor vehicle required to dip the vehicle’s lights?

Option-1 When driving towards another vehicle that is driving on the same road or in an adjacent road.
Option-2 When driving in a steep slope only.
Option-3 When the vehicle in front of him turns right.
Option-4 When the vehicle behind him turns right.

In order to shift gears from parking (P) to Drive (R or D) in an automatic transmission vehicle, you should:

Option-1 Step on the brake pedal, press on the selector lock button, and apply the gear selector to Drive.
Option-2 Step on the brake pedal and the gear will be shifted automatically.
Option-3 Press on the immobilizer (operating button) and the gear will be shifted automatically.
Option-4 Step on the clutch and shift the gear handle.

For how long is it permitted to leave a broken-down vehicle on a road or in a public place?

Option-1 It should be cleared away as soon as possible, no later than 48 hours.
Option-2 Until the rescue vehicle arrives, provided that it doesn’t exceed a period of one week.
Option-3 It should be moved away as soon as possible, no later than 24 hours.
Option-4 For the period in which it is being repaired, provided that it doesn’t exceed 72 hours.

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