Animal Quiz

I have developed another app for animal lovers, it is actually a quiz where you test your knowledge and improve your information.

Here is a LINK

Playing this app provide you entertainment as well knowledge of Animal world, The most popular species are covered in this app. it is whole family quiz game.
Animals are divided in six levels, level one is very easy level most of the kids already know the names.
wrong answer will delete one chance, there are three chances to achieve your target score otherwise your score will become zero.
In this App you will find the following animals, check yourself how many you know:
Alligator,Ape ,Bear, Butter Fly,Cheetah, Cobra, Eel, Elephant, Fish, Flamingo, Frog, Giraffe, Goats, Gorilla, Hippo, Horse, Kangaroo, Kiwi, Leopard, Lynx, Monkey, Panda, Parrot, Polar Bear, Python, Star Fish, Tiger, Turtle, Wolf, Zebra"
"Anaconda, andean, Antelope, Aquoti, Bat, Bee, Beetle, Blad Eagle, Bop, Camel, Chamleon, Chimp, Jaguar, King Snake, Lady Bug, Lion, Lizard, Lobster, Octupus, Ostrich, Otter, Owl, Scorpions, Shirmp, Snake, Sting Ray, Stork, Toucan, whale, Wild Cattle"
"Bower Bird, Caracal, Cassowary, Cat Small, Clown Fish, Cockatoo, Slender-Snouted Crocodile, Dung Beetle, Echidna, Fulmar, Gannet, Golen Eagle, Harpy Eagle, Iguana, Jacana, Koala, Kookaburra, Marine Angel Fish, Millipede, Mountain Lion, Oryx, Painted Dog, Panamanian Golden Frog,Pangolin, Pelican, Penquin, Porcupine, Sea Lion, Stellers, Stick Insect, Swine, Tasmanian, Toad Fish, Tortoise Desert, Tuatara, Turtle"
"Angle Fish, Anteater, Armadillo, Boa, Bonobo, Caecilian, Coati, Condor, Dhole, Flying Fish, Fox Bat, Goliath Frog, Guenon, Hedgehog, Humming Bird, Humback Angle Fish, Hyena Spotted, Jacana, Lorikeet, Macaw, Orangutan, Oyster, Polar, Prairie Dog, Pygmy Marmoset, Salamander, Somali Wild Ass, Spider, Spiral Horned Antelope, Squid, Tamandua, Tapir, Thick Billed Parrot, Vulture, Weaver, Wombat"
"Archre Fish, Cardinal Fish, Crane, Crowned Eagle, Cuttle Fish, Dragonfly, Fishing Cat, Fossa, Frigat Bird, Hamadrayas, Honey badger, Hyrax, King Fisher, Kinkajou, Komodo, Lemur, Mandrill, Mngeby, Nile Lechwe, Ocelot, Ocra, Poison, Pronghorn, Rattlesnake, Rhino, Rintail, Rock Fish, Sea Cucumber, Sea Lion, Serval, Siamang, Singing Dog, Takin, Tarantula, Urchin, Walrus"
"Andean, Auk, Bali Mynah, Binturong, Capybara, Chimaera, Clam, Conch, Electric Ray, emu, Galapogos, Gila, Gouldian, Guam, Guanaco, Hornbill, Hyena Striped, Ibis, Leaf Cutter, Lumur Sifaka, Mantella frog, Marsupial, Meerkat, Mole Rat, Okapi, Red Panda, Red tailed Hawk, Reindeer, Seal, Sloth Bear, Sloth, Snow Leopard, spiny Lobster, Sun Bear, Surinam, Warthog"
Play and have fun.
You may feel free to ask more for next version.


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