My Passion Car Logo


After good response from my apps which launch earlier, I developed an app on car logo. Country like UAE where every one is crazy for car's new model new make. I though this is great idea to develop a quiz on car logo.

App for Car Lover and its logo, Car Logo reflects personality of Car Owner, Classic cars have classic logos, Logo shape, Style and color has been changed along with time.

App has more than 200 logos to play in six levels, easy to difficult. Those living in Gulf countries come a cross lot of car brands. if you are car lover, you must recognized 70% logos easily.
App will tell you the correct name if you choose wrong name from the list.
Most of us very familiar with names such as Ferrari, Toyota, Honda, Ford, Benz, Kia, GMC, Mazda etc..
But what about unfamiliar names such as Acura, Geely, Gonow, Saleen, Ruf, Telsa, Hotchkiss etc..
In this app you will know lot of new car brand logo.
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This is LINK of my app My Passion Car Logo


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